Free Beat (Jan 2012) – “Sober – 040106-050406″

It’s been a really long time since we released a free beat now. It’s a new year and it definitely feels like it is time to give away a beat again. This time it’s the instrumental to the tune “Sober – 040106-050406″ that we produced in 2005.

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Simon Sez drops his mixtape “SB Original”

Powetry Entertainment presents: Simon Sez!

Open your Eyes and Ears people and come follow a young rapper on his way to the top!
Swagger, Lyrics, Flow and an Original voice.
All combined in to one versatile mix of consciousness and roughness….

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“Hamish – Hjärtats Oskrivna Blad” out now!

Moonsplash has produced fore tracks for the album “Hjärtats oskrivna blad” that was released today at Itunes and Spotify…

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Hamish - hjärtats oskrivna blad

Hamish – Hjärtats oskrivna blad (albumet ute den 1 september 2011)

The release date for “Hamish – Hjärtas Oskrivna Blad” is now set to 2011-09-01. Moonsplash has produced four tracks for the album.

Jun 30, 2011 by klas | 1 Comment

Ismen - Dramadrottning

Vår och Ismens låt “Dramadrottning” finns nu på Spotify

Now you can listen to Ismens album “Försöka Duger Inte(The Lost Tape)” in spotify…

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Ismen - Dramadrottning_2

Ismen – Dramadrottning (Remastered)

(Svenska) 2009 släppte ismen den Moonsplashproducerade låten “Dramadrottning” på Laxmacka Crew mixtape.
Nu har låten fått ny mastering och släpps igen på Ismens album “Försöka Duger Inte” (snart på Spotify).

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Jenosyde över ett Moonsplash beat [live video]

Jenosyde doing his thing over a Moonsplash Production (LIVE)!

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MC Kiko2

Moonsplash på MC Kiko’s “Serious As Kancer” Mixtape Vol.2

MC Kiko’s “Serious As Kancer” Mixtape Vol.2 is now available for download.
The track that Moonsplash produced is called “I don’t Know”…

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Ny låt med TobiJah och Cee-Rock “The Fury”

Together with Cee-Rock “The Fury” TobiJah recorded a new track over one of our free beats “Black String”.

The track is called “Legacy in Blood” and will be released on his EP “Street Poetry”.

Jan 28, 2011 by klas | 2 Comments

Vår och Parhams låt “Utanpå” finns nu på Spotify

(Svenska) Nu finns Parham & VICs skiva även på Spotify. Spåret som Moonsplash har producerat heter “Utanpå”.

Jan 14, 2011 by klas | 2 Comments