Alexander Söhr

Alias: Eco
Born: 1981-11-06
Place of birth: Tumba
Lives: Stockholm
Instrument: Piano
Inspiration: Hans Zimmer

Alexander Söhr

Klas Österman

Alias: Quicksilvah
Born: 1982-10-22
Place of birth: Göteborg
Lives: Stockholm
Instrument: Guitar
Inspiration: Cornelis Vreeswijk


Moonsplash Productions is a music producing company that runs their business in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. It consists of Alexander Söhr and Klas Österman. Moonsplash mainly produce hip hop, pop, R&B and soul, but puts also focus on film score music and movie sound editing.


Alexander and Klas, does not only come from different parts of the country, they also have different backgrounds when it comes to music. Alexander is a professional piano player, with a special interest for film music. He has played piano all of his life and has composed in his early years a lot of own instrumental sessions and also a lot of techno music.

Klas, in his early teenage years used to play in a SKA-band and listened a lot to rock, punk and hip hop. Klas was also the one who introduced hip hop beatmaking to Alex.

During the late 90′s both Klas on the west coast of Sweden (Gothenburg) and Alex on the east coast (Stockholm), produced their own works on an amateur level. Klas made his first hip hop beat in 1998 and started to rap himself and also produce other rappers in the Gothenburg area.

Klas and Alexanders first crossed paths in 2002, when they were students at the academy of film making, in Stockholm. After a couple of years, Klas began selling hip hop beats; Alexander joined in and would, from time to time, play the piano on Klas’ Projects. As a result, they realized how their collaborations produced a new special sound. Not too long after that, they started the company Moonsplash Productions, in spring 2004.


Almost everyone that has heard the works of Moonsplash, can agree that Moonsplash has an unique sound. The common thing for a Moonsplash production is the very melodious and solemn sound. Both Alexander and Klas works on the professional level that they make custom beats based on the preferences of the customer, no matter the genre nor style. And with the knowledge of their musical background, they never consider any kind of order from a customer as impossible.

Nowadays Moonsplash run most of their business in their professional studio located in Stockholm. Their customers are both domestic and international, with the purpose to widen their musical knowledge. The company’s mainly income today are custom orders, as composing, mastering, mixing and etc.  It is with great enthusiasm they are looking forward to connect with new customers and co-workers.