Amer Sarsour and Moonsplash releases the spoken word single “Bubbla Vidare”

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Amer Sarsour from Uppsala in Sweden, also known as The Poet of all Poets, together with the producer duo Moonsplash now releases his latest single “Bubbla Vidare” on iTunes and Spotify.

“Understanding is more powerful than you think, understand it for real…” is the basic idea. Amer wants to show how all of us in this world, yet live their lives in different worlds and how the feeling of hopelessness arise when you try to grasp your environment. Amer, which also is a rapper, today is one of Sweden’s most promising poets. In Bubbla Vidare, where his public potrayal poetry is acompaniend by Moonsplash customized piano and strings, they also takes Swedish poetry to new uncharted territory.

Bubbla Vidare på SpotifyBubbla Vidare på iTunes

Here you can see a video from the moment  “Bubbla Vidare” was recorded:

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