Adrenaline – Out Now!

Today is the official release day of the Stockholm based, producer duo Moonsplash’s new Single with 13 emcees on it, Adrenaline.

The symphonic beat is produced by Moonsplash and have an impressive line up with well known artists who all rap on the same topic as title of the track.

The single is released on a variety of platforms including Spotify and iTunes. On adrenaline you’ll find dope world renowned names like Slaine, Block McCloud, El Da Sensei, D.N.A, Sicknature (Snowgoons), Prop Dylan, Adlib and Sean Strange.

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Amer Sarsour and Moonsplash releases the spoken word single “Bubbla Vidare”

Amer Sarsour from Uppsala in Sweden, also known as The Poet of all Poets, together with the producer duo Moonsplash now releases his latest single “Bubbla Vidare” on iTunes and Spotify…

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Swagger Splash – Out Now!

Today (August 17th, 2012) is the official release day of the Stockholm based, producer duo Moonsplash’s new album, Swagger Splash.
The album will be available on Spotify and iTunes, as well a limited CD release.

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Powetry Cover

“Simon Sez & Moonsplash” releases a new music video!

Uppsala (Sweden) native rapper, Simon Sez and Stockholm producers Moonsplash are now releasing the video to the new single “Powetry”.

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Swagger Splash Parental Explicit

Swagger Splash Artists; Evila

We will continue to drop videos by artists that are featured on our album “Swagger Splash” until we release it (August 16th) . This is a video with “Evila” from Warrington, UK

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SB Original

Simon Sez SB Orginal Mixtape

SB original Mixtape is Simon Sez’s first release ever (2011) “It tells the story of the place he grew up and if you listen closely it takes you on a journey from a young dude on the block
to a man leaving for greater adventures”

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