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Today is the official release day of the Stockholm based, producer duo Moonsplash’s new Single with 13 emcees on it, Adrenaline.

The symphonic beat is produced by Moonsplash and have an impressive line up with well known artists who all rap on the same topic as title of the track.

The single is released on a variety of platforms including Spotify and iTunes. On Adrenaline you’ll find dope world renowned names like SlaineBlock McCloudEl Da SenseiD.N.A, Sicknature (Snowgoons)Prop Dylan, Adlib and Sean Strange.

Adrenaline’s hook is performed by Simon Sez which also featured Moonsplash’s album “Swagger Splash” back in 2012. Simon Sez is, at the time of writing, in progress to complete his album “SB Original 2″ and another album in swedish. Besides this a third record with Simon Sez and Moonsplash called “What u fight for” will be dropped this year.

Adrenaline on SpotifyAdrenaline on iTunes

Watch the video here:

Below is the order of the rappers on the track:

Verse 1:

Block McCloud

Emilio Lopez


Hook: Simon Sez

Verse 2:

Sean Strange


Venomous 2000

Hook: Simon Sez

Verse 3:


Sergeant Gee

Prop Dylan

Hook: Simon Sez

Verse 4:


El Da Sensei

Nervous Wreck

Hook: Simon Sez

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