• Are you in need of some beats, melodies or music to your rap or singing?
  • Do you want us to write you a complete song with lyrics and beat/melody from scratch?
  • Maybe you need to add an additional element to your own production to make it complete it?
  • Or maybe you need to find a composer for your film production?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

We will customize your music out of your demand, no matter what genre. We will guide- and help from the birth of the idea, until the final product. Besides that, we have a catalogue of beats and tunes that you can chose from.

In order to achieve your arrangements we have…

  • Years of knowledge and experience in audio techniques and song writing.
  • A professional production studio with the latest soft- and hardware equipment.
  • A diverse mix of different acoustic instruments, from traditional instruments such as guitar or piano or less unknown and exciting instruments, like Mongolian violin to Chinese harp.
  • The latest, well known high quality software instruments.
  • Processors and effects of high quality in order to give you the sound you need.
  • A wide field of connections of producers and vocalists.
  • Long time experience when it comes to using equipment in order to sample, process and integrate existing material in productions.
  • ProTools and Cubase just as well as the default platform for our music productions.
  • A lot of experience in motion picture tunes, audio editing and video production.

How it works

  • Send a guidline and pay $70 to receive a short song idea
  • We’ll finish the song with your feedback for additional $600
  • Further changes can be made for $50/h

Send a guidline