Free Beat (Jan 2012) – “Sober – 040106-050406″

Ändrad: 2:33 am av klas Jan 20, 2012 by klas

It’s been a really long time since we released a free beat now. It’s a new year and it definitely feels like it’s time to give away a beat again.

This time it’s the instrumental to the tune “Sober – 040106-050406″ that we produced in 2005. This instrumental has been requested alot on youtube, and therefore it feels extra good to now make it a free beat for everyone to download. We will keep on releasing free beats every now and then, even though it isn’t possible to do it every month like we did back in 2010.

Feel free to rap/sing to it, and why not make a song out of it to have on your demo. Just make sure to mention that it is a free beat produced by Moonsplash if you drop your song in public.

Download ”Moonsplash Productions – Free Beat (Jan 2012) – Sober – 040106-050406.mp3? in high quality here!

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3 kommentarer till “Free Beat (Jan 2012) – “Sober – 040106-050406″”

  1. M.o.T says:

    Shue, Ville bara säga att jag verkligen gillar dina beats, Du höjer ribban högt! Fortsätt Göra beats! Tung är du

    Kolla in min youtubekanal Ramnasbarnofficiell eller sök på M.o.T – Hatar Dig (Snipp) Det är ditt beat jag kör på..

    Hoppas man får höra mer av dig! Ha det bäst Peace!

  2. Maria says:


    riktigt nice :)
    malins syster Maria :)

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