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The rap artist Crome has just released a new mixtape, “Devil Wears NewEra”, for free download. The mixtape contains 19 tracks and is featured by several interesting artists. Moonsplash has produced the song “Keep Goin” which is featured by Sindri.

Keep Goin (ft. Sindri) (prod. Moonsplash)Ladda hem "Crome - Keep Goin (ft Sindri) (prod Moonsplash)"

“Crome, is a mixture of battlerap, storytelling, energy, tight flow and is considered by many to be one of Sweden’s best and most promising rappers. After he and NEO Cartoon Lover had a major hit with the song Soopah Fly in countries such as Germany and Australia and a Grammy, Best Rap 2008 at GmmA Awards in Australia, a journey began that would lead to the creation of a mixtape. Now it’s here.

Together with Endlezz Management and Low Key Entertainment Crome has, or Damir Lipovac his real name, designed a mixtape that is more personal than any of his previous works. Devil Wears NewEra is one of this autumn’s most exciting releases, full of humor, personal experiences, and heavy beats with guests such as Royce Da 5’9, Lazee, Danjah, Bobby Bolivian, NEO Cartoon Lover, Henok Achido, Pato Pooh, Quinze, Tony coma, and others.

The release of Devil Wears NewEra is a joint collaboration between Crome, Whoa, King Size Magazine, MyBestFriendIsMyGrind and KlubbKoll.

And do not forget to be on the look out for more material from Crome in 2010. Especially the upcoming full-length “Oscar Performance “, deserves to be mentioned.

Just click the direct link below the tracklist to download “Devil Wears NewEra”!

01. Dearly Noted
02. Paper Bwoi
03. Sing Along
04. The Final Step Remix (ft. Tony Koma)
05. Who You Think (ft. Lazee)
06. Feast Here Anew (ft. Bobby Bolivian)
07. So Alive (ft. Hummin & Hank)
08. Input Output Remix (ft. NEO Cartoon Lover)
09. Gots To Go (ft. Danjah)
10. Behind the Smile of Nicole (ft. Quinze)
11. Feedback (ft. Mikaela)
12. Doin Tonight (ft. Henok Achido)
13. Lyrical Monster
14. Act Like A Leader (ft. JW & Pato Pooh)
15. Down Down Baby (ft. Royce Da 5 9)
16. Keep Goin (ft. Sindri) ( Bonus Exclusive)
17. The Mask (ft. Quinze)
18. Never
19. Devil On My Shoulder”

Ladda hem hela Crome's mixtape "Devil Wears NewEra"!

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