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Omnisphere Box Omnisphere GUI
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Spectrasonics – Omnisphere

“After many years of development, Spectrasonics is proud to release the brand new flagship virtual instrument Omnisphere. This epic ‘Power Synth’ breaks completely new sonic ground by combining a wide variety of hybrid realtime synthesis techniques, an epic library of remarkable ‘Psychoacoustic’ sounds, and many innovative features that have never been seen before in any hardware or software synthesizer. The new instrument is the first to be based on Spectrasonics newly developed STEAM Engine.”

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Morphestra Box Morphestra GUI1
Morphestra GUI2
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Sample Logic – Morphestra

“Morphestra™ is today’s cinematic virtual instrument. Sample Logic’s award-winning team presents a powerful collection of creatively new and inventive organic instruments. Morphestra is derived entirely from orchestral recordings and psycho-acoustic sound design. In association with Kirk Hunter Studios and powered by Native Instruments Kontakt Player. Morphestra is an epic collection of over 1200+ instruments and multis available as a convenient direct download, or pre-installed on a pocket-sized 160GB Glyph hard drive.”

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Nexus 2 Box Nexus 2 GUI
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reFX – Nexus 2

“NEXUS 2 is a next generation ROM synthesizer-plugin that delivers a level of sonic quality unsurpassed by even the highest end hardware.

NEXUS 2 redefines the term “factory presets” with a massive 6 GB library of more than 1000 pristine, high-resolution sounds that have been painstakingly crafted by sound-design wunderkind Manuel Schleis. These are the sounds—not sound-a-likes—that grace top productions from every corner of the electronic music world.”

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Jupiter-V 8 Box Jupiter-V 8 GUI
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Arturia – Jupiter-V 8

“The Jupiter-8V is the newest addition to the family Arturia’s analog synthesizer recreations. Offering the unique sound palette of the Roland Jupiter 8, this virtual version is a sound designer’s dream.

Based on the latest version of TAE®, the Jupiter-8V also offers a host of modern features: an advanced step sequencer, a new line of dynamic effects, a module combining LFO’s (called Galaxy), and lots more…”

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