Moonsplash demo utvalt till Pitch of the Month på

Ändrad: 23:34 av klas 04 mar, 2011 by klas

Den senaste tiden på Moonsplash har det lagts mycket tid på att producera musik tänkt för den japanska marknaden. En av våra senaste demolåtar ”Say Yes” med mer västerländskt sound har blivit utvald till ”Pitch of the month” på!

Gå till siten för att lyssna och ge ”Say Yes” en tiopoängare. ;-)
Låten finns på startsidan uppe till höger.

Saxat från”Music companies are constantly bombarded by music from various creators. The result is that unless you actually know someone, somewhere, the chance of you being heard is almost none. This is where Songbox comes in. Each month Songbox selects five songs which have been submitted to Pitch of the Month and presents these to the hundreds of companies associated with us.


By submitting your songs to Pitch of the Month, you therefore have a real opportunity to actually get your music heard by key decision makers within the music industry.

All songs that are sent to Pitch of the Month will also get a rating by the Songbox panel consisting of seasoned industry professionals. The songs which are selected to Pitch of the Month will also be highlighted on the Songbox home page during the whole month, giving you invaluable exposure.

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