• Do you need a professional recording setting for your rap or singing?
  • Do you or perhaps your band like to record a demo?
  • Maybe you’d like to immortalize a bachelor/bachelorette party into an own studio recording?
  • Or are you just in search of that perfect audio recording for your commercial or audio book?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

We perform high quality recordings, no matter what genre. Anything from simple demo’s to larger projects. With up-coming, or well known artists. With experienced knowledge within acoustics and microphone techniques we’ll be able to give you the best results possible.

To ensure the final products quality, we have…

  • Sound proof recording rooms.
  • First class choice of audio equipment to ensure the quality your recording.
  • Various types of high quality microphones and execution to make sure the optimal result will be the ultimate. We offer both mono and stereo recording options.
  • Both ProTools and Cubase as the default recording platform.
  • Other co-operative recording studios, geographically close by, in order to fulfill your needs in case of large quantities of recording material.
  • A lounge with big screen TV, video games, dart board, musical instruments, books, outdoor patio, kitchen, wash room and much more.

How it works

  • Contact us about your specific request
  • We'll get back to you with an estimated timeframe
  • Once confirmed by you, our studio awaits your rhymes!

Price: $50/h or $350/8h

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