Moonsplash have upgraded the blog to an official homepage!

Ändrad: 5:11 am av Moonsplash Oct 04, 2011 by Moonsplash

A lot has happend during the last couple of weeks behind the scenes of the Moonsplash Blog.

Our blog has been upgraded from being a simple blog to being an official homepage where the blog is just a part of the homepage.

Moonsplash Official WebpageTwo months ago our good friend Lellky (who knows a lot about the web) was here for a meeting and offered his assistance in upgrading our blog. Said and done we started to gather all the required information to build the webpage as it is today.

This is just the first step in making Moonsplash Productions fulfill their presence on the internet. New exciting content is planned to be added in the future.

We want to thank Lellky and also Per at Wiklander Consulting for their much appreciated help in upgrading our blog to an official homepage!

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  1. Lellky says:

    Härligt att höra!

    Sidan ser jättebra ut. Det kommer bli kul att se allt nytt som kommer upp, speciellt med tanke på att studion är klar.

    Jobba lugnt,


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