Moonsplash producerar Hamish

Ändrad: 1:02 pm av klas Nov 02, 2009 by klas

Moonsplash has produced 4 of the beats on the poetic rapper Hamish upcoming album “Hjärtats oskrivna blad”. One of the songs, “Ana fi tariqi” which is featured by the singer Ismail from Sudan, is now being released as youtube video.

This is what Hamish himself writes about the album:

” My last album “En bild säger mer än tusen ord” was about finding the truth. For every track I write I widen my view and start to find what’s hidden inside of me [...] “Ana fi tariqi” is the first track from the new album “Hjärtats oskrivna blad”. [....] This is where you can say my true self emerges”. “

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